Barrett Nelson

Triple Agent

Joby Warrick

The story of the al-Qaeda mole who infiltrated the CIA

No Easy Day

Mark Owen

The first hand account of the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden

Boys in the Boat

Daniel James Brown

Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics

Into the Wild

Jon Krakauer

Young man with bright future gives away his possessions and hitchhikes to Alaska. Inspiring story of testing oneself.

Man Made

Joel Stein

Hilarious set of stories from a new father's quest to develop masculinity. I lauged out loud several times while reading this. Endearing story of male responsibility and bonding.

The Road

Cormac McCarthy

Haunting. This one will stay with you. I'm working up the nerve to read another of this author's books: Blood Meridian.